The Reality of the Supernatural

Article by Pastor Nyirenda Wisdom – ECG Church Kisumu

On Thursday 30th March 2017, I was seated in the house with my brother in the Lord Pastor William Kalonga in Kisumu Kenya. We thought of going out for a drive , so we turned off all the entertainment sets in the house. Within few seconds both of us begun to hear the songs of worship singing like “Holy Holy Holy Lord transcended Adonai “. The sound kept on increasing from the walls of the house and in the coridors.

We looked at each other wondering where that sweet worship was coming from. I tried to pip our but the sound wasn’t there. It was only in the house. We quickly asked wachita other if we both were able to hear that worship music. I quickly rechecked the entertainment machines which were also confirmed to be off all of them.

Inside of wonderful where the sound came from , the volume kept on rising which we end up knowing that it was Angels who were singing and praise God together with us in the house. It was such a wonderful experience as we had just started the day.

Angels are the ministering spirits. I declare today to you who is sharing this post , let there be an Angelic visitation upon your life in the name of Jesus Christ. Receive Angelic visitation in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ.



During the Holy Ghost fill me conference in ECG Kisumu, many receiced Jesus and were filled with the Holy Ghost.