Healing From Painful Menstruation


For 14 years, Ms. Helen suffered from painful menstrual periods and excessive bleeding. She lived a life of fear and therefore decided to visit ECG Nairobi seeking God of Major 1 for her healing.  


Early in January 2017, Pastor William Kalonga, Pastor in-charge of ECG Nairobi Branch prayed with her and for her healing that God will put an end to this suffering.

Amazingly, yesterday 5th February 2017, she testified to the church that the bleeding stopped and her menstrual cycle for the month of January were painless!

Hallelujah to God of Major 1

There is no sickness that God cannot cure, you need to accept God and have faith that you will be delivered from any situation.  Join us for prayers and deliverance and your life will never be the same again.