Deliverance: Mama, your son is back home…


DELIVERANCE TESTIMONY: Mama, your son is back home…

Indeed when there is a man to pray, there is God to answer. This came to be true when man of God Chief Apostle Mtalemwa Dionis prayed for this woman during yesterday service.

This woman, Mary Ochieng came today to testify the goodness of God after man of God Chief Apostle Mtalemwa Dionis prayed for her yesterday concerning the family after seeing her writting the names of her children. She testified today how her son Marc has been running away from home ever since 2015 but through the word spoken by man of God, to her suprise when she went home, received goodnews from Marc’s younger brother saying “Mama, your son is back home”. She also explained how it was easy for her son to come to church after a prayer of man of God.

Man of God went on after hearing the testimony praying for Marc, the son, saying “God loves you, submit fully to God, forget the past and He will change the heart of stone and give you heart of loving Him. Your parents cried when you were a little boy, they do not have to cry again when you are at this age” and he asked him “what do you want me to pray for you?” and Marc requested “man of God, pray for the restoration of my faith and excellence in my education”

Anything that was lost in your life, may it be restored in Jesus name.


Apostle Mtalemwa Bushiri 

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