TESTIMONY: Miracle Medical Bills Settlement

TESTIMONY: Miracle Medical Bills SettlementAbout a week ago, Grace was caught off guard when her husband all of sudden became ill.

“As soon as it happened, I prayed and asked God to send an angel to help me take my husband to hospital,” says Grace. “I knew God had answered my prayer when I soon afterwards heard someone knocking at the gate. When I went to check who it was, I discovered it was one of my husband’s friends.”

While going about his day, the friend had suddenly felt compelled to check on Grace’s husband and thus stopped by the couple’s home. After briefing him on her husband’s condition, they quickly rushed the sick man to hospital.

Upon arrival at the hospital, Grace was asked to pay 700 shillings as registration fees for the patient. However, upon further tests, Grace was informed that her husband would have to be admitted and that the admission fee was 80,000 shillings.”

“I had only 3,000 shillings at the time, and after paying the registration fee, I was left with 2,300. I had no idea how I would raise the admission fee because that was all the money I had,”

Grace says. After dropping the couple off at the hospital, her husband’s friend had left, and thus Grace yet again found herself praying for a miracle.

Her prayer was once again answered when her husband’s friend came back to the hospital.

“He asked me what the doctors had said regarding my husband and after briefing him, he quickly paid the admission fee.”

A few days later, while her husband was still admitted in hospital, his doctor informed Grace that her husband’s condition required foot surgery costing 100,000 shillings. She left the hospital stunned; wondering how to raise the money. Because it was a Saturday, she made her way to church to attend to the cleaning duties in service of God; consciously reminding herself that He is a covenant-keeping God. At the church, Pastor William and Mum Violet prayed for her and she later she returned to the hospital.

“My husband’s friend decided to pay him a visit at the hospital and when he found out about the surgery cost, he immediately paid the full amount on the spot,” Grace explains. “On top of that, he gave us 400 dollars to hold on to just in case of any other emergency. I give God all the glory!”

Her advice to fellow believers: “He is a covenant-keeping God. Hold on to His promises”

If you’re reading this, may the God of Major 1 settle your bills in Jesus’ name!

TESTIMONY: Healing and Marriage Renewal

Reuben found out about ECG Nairobi when a friend sent him to buy the Lion of Judah anointing oil on their behalf.

Upon meeting Pastor William and Mum Violet, Reuben developed a deeper interest in the ECG ministry. “When I met the Pastor and his wife, they both prayed for me. Pastor William told me that he could see victory upon my life and I took his words to heart,” says Reuben.

Encouraged, Reuben brought his wife and son for intercessory prayers at the church and adds that his son, who had for years suffered unsightly boils on his head and face, was healed after Pastor William and Mum Violet prayed for him and anointed him with the Lion of Judah oil.

“Even my sister who has been on medication for five years because of problems with her right eye was healed after she started applying the Lion of Judah,” Reuben elaborates. “My sister’s daughter is a neurosurgeon and she too was astounded by her mother’s miraculous healing because many doctors had tried and failed to cure her mother’s eye problem.”

He adds that shortly after discovering ECG Nairobi, he and his wife now pray together and have grown stronger as a couple than ever before.

“Christianity teaches that men are the priests of their households. I am thankful that in my family we can now study the bible and pray together every evening from 8 to 9 p.m.,” Reuben says. “This has gone a long way in reminding me what attracted me to my wife in the first place. I give God all the glory”
If you’re reading this, I pray that healing and a stronger, happier marriage be your portion too in Jesus’ name.

Connect to receive.

TESTIMONY: Miracle Money in the Month of Angelic Visitation

After her recent college graduation, Elza had a plan to enroll for further studies. However, after the graduation, all did not immediately go according to plan.

She says: “My intention was to use to the caution money gained to register for further studies. But when I got the money, I committed the entire amount to church.”

Elza trusted that God would make a way for her to further her studies and indeed, He answered her in a divine way.

“One day, as we were praying in church, I felt an unusual presence beside me but when I opened my eyes, there was no one near me,” explains Elza. “I closed my eyes again and continued praying and as I was praying, I saw a man dressed in white and bearing the face of our prophet Major 1.”

The man in her vision declared that whatsoever she asked for in that moment, it would be done. As the prophet had declared August the month of angelic visitation, Elza believed her vision was an angelic encounter and thus believed in the prophecy.

She adds: “I opened my eyes again and immediately started telling the people I was praying with what I had seen. I told them to pray for something specific and believe that it was done.”

Later that same day, God began answering her prayers.

“Someone came up to me and handed me an envelope full of dollars! This was something that I hadn’t anticipated and so I knew it was the God of Major 1 who had done it for me.”

As the days went by more friends and family felt moved to bless her financially. Elza adds that out of the blue, her sister moreover decided that she would pay for Elza to have health insurance.

“I was astounded because some of my friends and family were beginning to get fatigued with my commitment to the church. In fact, some would give me money and tell me not to spend it on church but the God of Major is faithful,” says Elza. “Now I’ve been able to enroll for further studies even as more people keep blessing me by their financial support.”

If you’re reading this, may miracle money locate you this month in Jesus’ name.

TESTIMONY: Miracle Money in the Month of Angelic Visitation

TESTIMONY: Missing Person Safely Recovered in the Month of Angelic Visitation

In the month of July, Sylvester travelLed upcountry for the burial of his sister. A week after coming back to Nairobi, he received news that his 16-year old younger sister had gone missing and no one knew of her whereabouts.

He says: “About a week after returning to Nairobi, I woke up at midnight to a voice in my spirit telling me that I should call home. That is when I was informed that my younger sister had disappeared.”

Applying some of the teachings he learnt in church, Sylvester took his younger sister’s photo and, together with his wife, began praying for her safe return. As they prayed, they anointed her photo with the Lion of Judah.

“We prayed and believed that wherever my sister was, the Lord’s angels would grab her hands and lead her back home”, Sylvester adds. “She was still missing during the national election period at the start of the month and we were concerned that she may have been caught up in the related skirmishes.”

However, because the prophet Major 1 had declared August the month of angelic visitation, Sylvester trusted that his sister would be delivered safely back home.

Indeed, about a week ago, Sylvester was happy to learn that his younger sister had been traced.

Sylvester says: “She called home using an unfamiliar number and asked that she be sent some bus fare to come back home. I celebrate my sister’s life because she is unharmed and now safely back home.”

If you’re reading this, I pray that every good thing that has gone missing from your life be returned safely back to you in Jesus name. Believe to receive.

TESTIMONY: Missing Person Safely Recovered in the Month of Angelic Visitation

TESTIMONY: Family Restoration and Healing

Tabitha came to ECG Nairobi at the beginning of 2017 after her daughter, who lives in France, kept sending her videos of the Prophetic Channel.

She says, “After watching the videos, I asked my daughter how I could connect with the Prophet (Major 1) and she told me about the ECG church branch in Nairobi where his son Pastor William ministers.”

Inspired, Tabitha made the trip to ECG Nairobi on January 22 from her home in Machakos and after the service, she met with Pastor William who prayed for her.

“I told the pastor that I had no peace in my home and we prayed together,” Tabitha says. “Later, he got in touch with me and told me that he had to come physically to my home where he could pray for peace to be restored in my family.”

She adds that after the Pastor’s visit, problems in her family began fading away.

“I can testify today that there’s now peace in my home. I had also been suffering intensely from arthritis to the point of being unable to walk, but now I can walk!”

Tabitha adds that she is thankful of the changes she has observed, especially in her daughter who was led to Christ and got born again after connecting with Pastor William. Tabitha’s daughter can now speak in tongues and even pray non-stop for at least an hour.

If you’re reading this, I pray that peace prevails in your family. Healing is your portion too in Jesus’ name.

Connect to receive.

TESTIMONY: Family Restoration and Healing

TESTIMONY: Gospel Music Career Boost after Prayer

Three weeks ago, Shiko, a budding gospel musician, came to Pastor William to request a prayer for her new album. After living in South Africa for a number of years, she recently returned to Kenya and didn’t know how to go about publicizing her music.

She says: “As an upcoming musician, you don’t really know where or who to go to promote your music, but after Pastor prayed for my audio CD, I was able to give my CD to a radio presenter at Inooro FM.”

Within the same week (after the prayer), Shiko’s song was submitted to the weekly countdown and was miraculously awarded ‘song of the week.’ The next step was to set up a meeting with Njogu Njoroge, a well-known radio personality to further promote her song.

“Many people told me that he (Njogu) is a hard man to reach and that he seldom answered phone calls, but I wasn’t discouraged. I am a daughter of Major 1 and by faith, I contacted him and was able to set up a meeting with him and eventually met him in person.”

When they met, Shiko was well-received by Njogu who was polite and pleasant to her, contrary to what nay-sayers had told her about him.

“I kept on declaring that angels shall follow me everywhere I go, and indeed that is what happened”, says Shiko. “After my meeting with Njogu, I met even more presenters in the industry and one presenter from Hope FM called me to find out more about my music!”

Her video producer also felt compelled to help her promote her audio CD. “He set up meeting for me with about 20 TV and Radio stations and when I asked him why he was going out of his way to help me, he told me that ‘something’ in his spirit was just pushing him to promote me.”

More favour followed when a prominent DJ called Shiko to help her set up her song on YouTube.

She adds: “This is my second album. When I was compiling it, I said that this time around, the God of Major 1 will help me promote it, and that is exactly what is happening.”

Her encouragement to fellow believers: “Submission is key. When I was in South Africa, I joined ECG Port Elizabeth and submitted there as steward in the church. When I came back to Kenya, I was moved by the Spirit to come to ECG Nairobi to submit here as well because I knew there’s a son of Major 1 (Pastor William) right here and I could connect to the anointing and receive my blessings.”

If you’re reading this, I pray that God of Major 1 fulfills each and every one of your heart’s desires. Connect to receive your blessings in Jesus’ name.


TESTIMONY: Divine Favour for Newly-Wed Couple

When Martin and Lillian decided to get married, they did not anticipate that the Lillian’s family would set her dowry at a steep one-million shillings.

The couple trusted that God would make a way for their families to negotiate the dowry down to an amount that the groom’s family could raise, and by God’s Grace, the amount was indeed lowered to 250,000.

Overjoyed, Martin and Lillian began planning their wedding but encountered more challenges along the way.

“There were times when only three people would show up to the wedding committee meetings – me, my fiancé and a friend,” Martin says. “We were often left scratching our heads on how to pay for the meeting venue, let alone the amount of money needed for the actual wedding.”

However, with the support of friends and family, and God’s enduring grace, the couple raised 700,000 shillings and finally wed in December last year.
Martin adds that after the wedding, his mother told him to choose one of two parcels of land she owned as her wedding gift to the couple. On this, he remarks, “The Bible says he who gets a wife obtains favour. I too obtained much favour when my mother in the end decided two give us both parcels of land. My wife and I now have the option of building our home on one plot and putting up a block of apartments in the other.”

The couple had additionally had been trusting God for a new car and managed to buy it for 200,000 shillings less than the selling price.

His encouragement to fellow believers: “We as Christians sometimes pray expecting an immediate answer from God. Though it may tarry, God is not a man that he should lie. His favour is real and He will answer you beyond expectation.”

If you’re reading this post, I pray that you too find favour with God.

TESTIMONY: Multiple Breakthroughs after Prophetic Dream

About two weeks ago, Winnie had a dream where the man of God Prophet Shepherd Bushiri prayed for her.

She says: “After he prayed for me, the prophet told me that my business and my family life would open up. I woke up from the dream at around 3 a.m. then went back to sleep.”

On the same morning by 8 a.m., Winnie got a phone call. The person on the other end of the call asked her if she could travel to Lamu urgently to take up a short, but well-paying contract that would last the span of an entire weekend.

Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity, she hastily made arrangements to travel to Lamu by the next day.

The following morning, as she was preparing to board her flight, Winnie received another call informing her that she had been awarded a contract for yet another job.

“This second contract is something I have been trying to land for three straight years with no success,” she says. “I would apply for the contract every year but was rejected every time.”

She adds that towards the end of last year, she had hesitated to apply for the contract for the fourth time, but felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to apply for it anyway despite previous rejection.

Quite pleased that her fourth application paid off, Winnie was overjoyed to learn that same company had awarded her a third contract.

She says; “I applied for the third contract under a different company name, which is part of the companies I own.” By the time she got back to Nairobi, she was amazed how the God of Major I had clinched three contracts for her in less than a week amounting to millions of shillings. Moreover, a car that she had been trying to sell for over six months without success finally sold.

The icing on the cake happened when she received news that the off-plan house she had bought was now move-in ready after months of delay.

“My family and I were supposed to move into the new house by December last year but there were several delays in the finishing touches. On the Monday I got back from Lamu, I was told that the house was now ready and all I had to do was pay the stamp duty for the keys to be handed over to me.”

Her advice to fellow believers: “The anointing at ECG church really works. If it has worked for me, it can certainly work for you.”

If you’re reading this post, I pray the anointing works for you too. Connect to remain protected.

TESTIMONY: Multiple Breakthroughs after Prophetic Dream

The Joy of a pastor, is to see lives of people changing for the better.

As you read this testimony and you connect, you will come back with a testimony too in Jesus name.

Pastor William Kalonga

TESTIMONY: Business Breakthrough & other Blessings after 3 Nights Vigil

As the owner of a salon, Ruth’s business was suffering.
She says: “I would sometimes go an entire week without having a single client. It was a real struggle.”

She nonetheless purposed to attend a three nights’ vigil called for by Pastor William in the first week of August, and among her prayer points was a request for divine connections.

After the first night’s vigil, the calls started coming in.

“From that first night, everything changed. I went from having no clients at all to now having too many clients,” says Ruth. “Some clients come to look for me at my house and some even pay me in full even before I serve them!”

She adds that God’s favour flowed to other members of her family. Her brother who had been farming without much success finally reported a breakthrough within the same week of vigil and fasting.

“He went from making no money at all to making up to nine thousand shillings a week!”

Ruth moreover reports that as her salon business took off, she started selling handbags as well and since then she sells at least two handbags on a daily basis.
“Since the vigil, my prayer life has also improved. Now I wake up to pray at midnight and to read an entire chapter of the Bible. I couldn’t do that before but now I can.

If you’re reading this, I pray that you to receive your breakthrough in Jesus name. Connect to receive.

Testimony: Dream Job Clinched by Faith

After committing to 7 days of prayer and fasting for her graduation, God answered Dora and she, two months ago, graduated successfully.

In that time of prayer and fasting, Dora had written down several more prayer points which she’d stuck onto the wall of her prayer room, trusting that God would check off each and every point. Among her prayers was a request for a great job in Nairobi.

“I did not want to work in Dar (es Salaam) where I live with my parents, I wanted to find a job right here in Nairobi,” Dora says. She decided to seek the counsel of Pastor William and he advised her to speak to her parents with wisdom. Heeding his counsel, she traveled back home to Dar and kept praying.

Though her parents are well-connected and could have easily secured a job for her in Dar, Dora believed that God would grant her dream job in Nairobi. Despite his great connections, her father struggled to get her a job and Dora took this as a sign that God was working in her favour.

Under any ordinary circumstances, Dora knew that her father would never have allowed her to come back to Nairobi. Thus, by faith, she started adding a few drops of the Lion of Judah anointing oil to the food she prepared for her parents, trusting that God would do the extraordinary and change their hearts concerning her career.

And because God is not a man that he should lie, Dora soon received a job offer in Nairobi and she accepted it with the blessing of her parents.

Excitedly she says: “The job includes a great salary, an apartment, flights back home and medical expenses.” Among her prayer points had been the desire to further her education and the new job guaranteed just that. After one year of working at her job, the company she now works for will pay for her further studies.

Her words of encouragement to fellow believers: “God of Major 1 is good. There’s an anointing in this church and there’s favour in this place. Just believe.”

If you’re reading this post, we are confident that whatever Christ Jesus started in you will be accomplished.