TESTIMONY: God’s Favour and Breakthrough

Ms Christina stayed a long time without promotion as a teacher at a private school.  Two weeks ago, she got a promotion without qualifications. She received a letter of promotion to be the school principal after believing in God of Major 1 through ECG Nairobi.

When she got the job, she managed to build a house for her mother and her grandmother in four days but her enemies tried to fight her and the police to stop the building, but she declared shame is not her portion.

She has now managed to complete the buildings for her mum and grandmother.

Anyone reading this post know that the God of Major 1 and the grace on him will work on you.

Things which could take years, you will do them in days in Jesus name.

There is possession in confession.

TESTIMONY:God’s Favour and Breakthrough

Testimony: Miracle Debt Settlement

Testimony: Miracle Debt Settlement.

Ms. Gertrude joined ECG Nairobi in April 2017 and at that time her business was going down and she was experiencing stagnation in her life.

Last Sunday on 21st May 2017 Mama Pastor Violet Kalonga prophesied to her that she could see her under serious attack for the last six months and there is stagnation in her business and finances.

She also said to her that she could see buses and trucks and Ms. Gertrude confirmed that she is into the Transportation business, she owns buses and trucks.

Mama Pastor Violet instructed that after close of business the next day Monday,Ms. Gertrude should anoint all her vehicles with the Lion of Judah oil.
Ms. Gertrude got the Lion of Judah and did as she was instructed.After following this instruction Gertrude experienced another setback where the Bus Company came on same day Monday to repossess her buses because of late payment in April.

To confirm to her that Pastors Prophecy was true that she was under attack, it is usually the company’s policy to repossess the assets only if an individual has defaulted in payment for more than five months but for her case she had a late payment for only one month.

When Gertrude received a call from her manager that the company had come to repossess the buses she was very confused.

While still pondering on her next move her brother called her and said that he had just received payment on services he had offered a while back and he just thought of her. At that point Gertrude explained her predicament to him and he offered to make the payments on her behalf.

To show that the God of Major 1 is at work, Gertrude’s brother said that he is giving her that money not as a loan but as a gift and she shouldn’t worry about paying him back. Gertrude managed to pay for the buses and the company released the vehicles back to her that same afternoon.

Later that on Thursday 25th May,Gertrude received a call from a friend that she hadn’t spoken to for a while, this friend wanted to connect her to a cement company that needed to hire trucks to transport their cement.

Gertrude managed to get the one year contract that same week and the total amount she is to receive from it was enough to pay off the Bus Company for all she owed them.

She has come back to glorify the God of Major 1 for the miracles He has done in her life.

Advice to other members of the church:
Your miracle is in the instruction. Do not give up but tap and submit to the anointing.

God of Major 1 is still doing miracles.

If you are reading this post, God is able to settle your debts in Jesus name.

Testimony: Miracle Debt Settlement.

Academics Testimony: From Position 37 To Top 3

#TESTIMONY#-Academics from position 37 to top 3.

And in all matters of wisdom and understanding, that the king enquired of them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers that were in all his realm. Dan 1:20

Ms. Justina’s son was failing in his academics and was taking the thirty seventh position in class out of forty students.

The situation got to a bad extent that he had to repeat a class and this devastated her. At this point Ms.Justina began to administer the Lion of Judah Oil on him and declare that he is the head and not the tail.

She went ahead and also taught her son to proclaim Gods words word upon himself and his academics.
God of Major 1 being ever faithful did not put her and the son to shame and gave them a miracle where by in the next examinations he performed beyond expectations and took third position in a class of fourty.

I declare to you may your children by taught of the Lord and become 10 times better than all thir peers in Jesus name.

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Prophetic Encounter: It’s Happening Again!

☆☆☆Its again Happening In ECG Nairobi this week end.☆☆☆

TESTIMONY: God of Major 1 has done it again!

Bishop Mondo prophesied concerning billionaires and called out Mr.Alfred as being one of them.

He said that he can see a 2.2 million dollar contract that is coming to him soon. As Bishop Mondo prophesied it came to pass that he got a call from a lawyer in Pretoria that wanted him to act as a lawyer on a transaction they want to do here in Kenya.

He was asked to draw an agreement for the whole transaction and he will be paid commission that will amount to the same as the prophecy Bishop Mondo gave.
This will go on for the next eleven months.

Join us from Friday to Sunday and be Inspired.
God of Major 1 makes millionaires. .

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Testimony: Healing, Coverage and Preservation.

God of Major 1 has done it again in ECG Nairobi through Lion of Judah Oil.

Being member of ECG Nairobi branch, Mr.and Mrs. Joel Masigas son experienced a tragic accident where their son fell from a building all the way from fourth floor, about 100 feet to the ground. When the parents got to the scene of the accident they administered the Lion of Judah and Oil of Favor on him proclaiming life back to their son because he had passed away.

On their way to the hospital they were in prayer calling the God of Major 1 to intervene in their situation and not to allow shame to be their portion. Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctors saw that the boy was already dead and where looking for a way to break the news to the parents.

But the God of Major 1 once again proved that He is able to do the impossible. The boy came back to life and began to cry. The doctors were surprised by the turn out of events and now struggled to assess the condition in which the child was in at that time. The doctors did the scans and expected the worst from it but once again God Almighty proved to man that His ways are beyond our understanding.

The child had only suffered Injuries that were not consistent with what would be expected from such an accident. The doctors wanted to begin treatment but were unable to because they didn’t have the right equipment’s so they had to transfer him to another well-equipped hospital. All this while the Masiga’s kept on proclaiming life on to their son and on to his organs. When they got to the second hospital the child was taken for surgery that was successful and his healing was very rapid. He is now well and strong and the whole family thanks and blesses the God of Major 1 for bringing life back to their son.

Their advice to other members of the church: They advise people not to give up but to have stubborn faith and Miracles will flow in your life when you pray.

Testimony: Miracle Pregnancy

God of Major 1 has done it again!!

Since 2013 this lady has been trying to conceive but she was not successful because she had cysts in her womb.

She attended the conference organized by Pastor William and Chief Apostle Mtalemwa under the grace of Papa Major 1 where she was prayed for.

The man of God located her and told her that she is healed and she will conceive. The Chief Apostle also prophesied and gave her the name of the child she will have which will be Hannah.

Few weeks later she went to see the doctor who confirmed that the cysts that prevented her from having a child are disappearing and exactly after a month she is now pregnant just as it was prophesied.

She advises you that believe every word of Prophecy the men of God give even though you may not see it manifest immediately for surely it shall come to pass.

Under the grace of Major 1. Receive fruitfulness of everything you do in Jesus name.


The Reality of the Supernatural

Article by Pastor Nyirenda Wisdom – ECG Church Kisumu

On Thursday 30th March 2017, I was seated in the house with my brother in the Lord Pastor William Kalonga in Kisumu Kenya. We thought of going out for a drive , so we turned off all the entertainment sets in the house. Within few seconds both of us begun to hear the songs of worship singing like “Holy Holy Holy Lord transcended Adonai “. The sound kept on increasing from the walls of the house and in the coridors.

We looked at each other wondering where that sweet worship was coming from. I tried to pip our but the sound wasn’t there. It was only in the house. We quickly asked wachita other if we both were able to hear that worship music. I quickly rechecked the entertainment machines which were also confirmed to be off all of them.

Inside of wonderful where the sound came from , the volume kept on rising which we end up knowing that it was Angels who were singing and praise God together with us in the house. It was such a wonderful experience as we had just started the day.

Angels are the ministering spirits. I declare today to you who is sharing this post , let there be an Angelic visitation upon your life in the name of Jesus Christ. Receive Angelic visitation in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ.



During the Holy Ghost fill me conference in ECG Kisumu, many receiced Jesus and were filled with the Holy Ghost.





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Healing from HIV

INSTANT HEALING: In the third time, she came out HIV NEGATIVE…

This woman who was a patient number 4 by the name Zippora Andisi (+254 724 525 111) from Kibira, Nairobi testifed today after tested 3 times after the prayer during the Miracle Hospital & Healing Service and came out with negative results.

This woman explains how she was invited by her sister who is living in Uganda who is watching prophetic channel and also following up this facebook page. She tells how the sister gave directions to come to church so she can receive.

She explains how she has suffered for more than 10 years with HIV/AIDS and how she used to take ARVs and other medication since that time. Today she came and tested for HIV and confirm to be positive. Man of God prayed and encouraged people to test and test again if they see the same results, he even gave an example from the bible about prophet Elijah who prayed for the rain and repeated for seven times to get results (1Kings 18:43-44). This woman was touched by these words and said to herself I will test until I find my negative results. Indeed it has happened when this woman went for a test for 3 times and during the third time, she came out negative. Our specialized doctor by the name Doctor Judith Wanjiku (+254 723 445356 ) went out of words as he confirms the might works of God of Major 1 after testing this woman for the first time before prayer and then 2 times after prayer and the last results came very clear negative.

God of Major 1 is the wonderful God, He can change positive results to negative results. If you are not tired of taking medication, don’t be tired of praying and checking your condition until the results change as prophet of God, Elija prayed and looked for seven times to get the results.

May affected area of you be healed in the name of Jesus.

Apostle Mtalemwa Bushiri 

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From a Jobless to a Permanent Position

Permanent Job!!

Ms. Carolyne had been jobless for over a year. She faced a lot of struggles as she could not support the needs of her daughter.

She heard about ECG Nairobi and decided to come and seek God. But soon after prayers in November 2016, she got a temporary job. This temporary position has however become permanent position this February 2017.

She is now able to support herself and her daughter. Hallelujah!

God of Major 1 is faithful. Believe and receive the grace in Jesus name. Amen – Pastor W. Kalonga

The End of Financial Struggles

Financial Breaktrhough

For a year Mr. Christopher Alindi wanted to buy a family car but it was too hard because he was struggling financially.

He joined ECG Nairobi  in November 2016 and by prayers and the grace of God of Major 1 and life started to unfold for the better.  Yesterday 5th February, 2017, he testified to the church how God heard his prayers and was able to buy a car.  Victory belongs to Jesus!

This is the car that Mr. Alindi bought: