For three years, Mama Mary couldn’t walk and had to crawl to move around. She was plagued by leg and back problems that made it difficult for her to stand up straight.

She says, “I experienced a heavy weight on my entire back area and my legs were weak. However, after Pastor William prayed for me, my body suddenly became much lighter. The heavy feeling left and now I’m totally healed.”

Mary adds that she experienced more miracles when her eldest son who had years ago gone missing from her life suddenly reappeared at her doorstep. Moreover, her sister in law felt compelled to bless Mary with Sh10, 000 – a timely amount that Mary quickly used to settle some of her urgent expenses.

Her encouragement to fellow believers: Your faith can sustain you. I never imagined that I would one day be able to walk again, but here I am walking! I am healed and I am strong! I don’t even need a walking stick to move around!”

She adds: “I feel strengthened whenever I come to this church. My encouragement to fellow believers is to stay close to this anointing. Keep coming to church because this is where your deliverance is.”

If you’re reading this, know that God of Major 1 is able to delivered three-fold miracles in your life today in Jesus’ name! Believe to receive.

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