For several months, Joyce had suffered a mysterious skin disease on her leg. Doctors had diagnosed it as a bacterial infection of the blood but the disease refused to respond to any medication.

Joyce says: “My doctor was very confused by the skin problem. He even suggested that I fast and pray over the matter because my condition was not responding to any medication.”

Indeed, Joyce fasted and prayed over the problem but it wasn’t until she came to ECG Church that she found her solution.

She adds: “I came to church during the Ladies’ Tea Party in September and shared with Pastor William my problem. I showed him the skin condition and he just prayed over me and I believed I was healed.”

Joyce says that because of the problem, she could never wear skirts because the condition was quite unsightly – the skin on her leg was peeling off like a snake. But today she is in able to wear knee-length skirts because her condition is totally cured.

She says: “I am just amazed by the God of Major 1. I am totally

Moreover, Joyce says that her friend who was admitted in hospital for cancer treatment was miraculously discharged after she anointed him with the Lion of Judah.

“When I went to visit my friend in hospital, I found that the cancer which had affected his jaw had spread to his left leg”, she explains. “My friend is Catholic so before I prayed for him, I asked him if I could anoint him the Lion of Judah and he agreed.”

It was on a Sunday when Joyce prayed for her friend, and two days later she got a call informing her that he had been discharged from hospital.

A week later, doctors told her friend that he would have to undergo a blood transfusion because his blood level was low. Upon hearing this news, Joyce went on her knees and asked the God of Major 1 to increase her friend’s blood.

She says: “God of Major 1 is truly faithful because shortly after I prayed, I received another call informing me that my friend’s blood level had miraculously risen. No transfusion necessary!”

If you’re reading this, believe that the God is able to miraculously cure even the most stubborn disease. Just believe it is done in Jesus’ Name!

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