Charles came to ECG Nairobi church about three Sundays ago. However, right in the middle of the sermon, he received a message from his wife who was experiencing pains due to complications from Caesarian Section delivery. Apparently, the wound from the surgery was stubborn and slow to heal.

As Charles was leaving the church, the man of God Pastor William inquired why he was leaving the service and was informed that Charles was rushing home to attend to his wife.
Charles says, “Before I left, Pastor William declared that that the wound on my wife’s belly would dry up completely and I took that word to heart.”

Indeed, a few days later, the wound began to heal and now Charles’ wife is completely healed.
He testifies as follows: “My wife is now back on her feet and even this morning she made me breakfast as I was preparing to come to church.”

Charles adds that his youngest son Emmanuel also received miraculous healing saying,
“My son banged his finger on the door jamb and the injury was serious to the extent that his nail had completely come off”

Doctors told Charles that his son would have to undergo surgery to re-attach the nail, but Charles had faith that the God of Major 1 would heal his son.

After again heeding the counsel of Pastor William, Charles was assured that his son was healed.
He says: “On the day the injury occurred, my son’s finger was dressed and the doctors said that he should return a few days for the surgery. However, when we went back to the hospital we discovered that the finger had already re-attached itself on its own and the surgery was cancelled! I give God all the glory!”

If you’re reading this, know that the God of Major 1 is able to heal you from every disease. Healing is your portion today in Jesus’ Name

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