♧Wrong Foundations of Marriage ♧

Psalms 11
3: When the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

I have seen many christians divorcing in church. The main issue is why did they marry.

■ Married because of pregnancy
■ Married because of prophecy
■ Married because of Money
■ Married because you wanted immigration papers.
■ Cohabitation
■ Married because of parents choose for you
■ Married because you are desperate-ageing
■ Many more

■ The only powerful one is LOVE, God is LOVE.

You can agree with me, your grand parents who were not not born again then, today are 99 years old but still together in love.

What is binding them is love not prophecy.

A lot of lazy christians today wants to hear prophecy when it comes to their marriage issue, they don’t want to work it out.

I’m here to tell you don’t base your marriage on prophecy but LOVE.

I’m a prophetic pastor. You heard me!

Wrong Foundations of Marriage

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