TESTIMONY: Miracle Money in the Month of Angelic Visitation

After her recent college graduation, Elza had a plan to enroll for further studies. However, after the graduation, all did not immediately go according to plan.

She says: “My intention was to use to the caution money gained to register for further studies. But when I got the money, I committed the entire amount to church.”

Elza trusted that God would make a way for her to further her studies and indeed, He answered her in a divine way.

“One day, as we were praying in church, I felt an unusual presence beside me but when I opened my eyes, there was no one near me,” explains Elza. “I closed my eyes again and continued praying and as I was praying, I saw a man dressed in white and bearing the face of our prophet Major 1.”

The man in her vision declared that whatsoever she asked for in that moment, it would be done. As the prophet had declared August the month of angelic visitation, Elza believed her vision was an angelic encounter and thus believed in the prophecy.

She adds: “I opened my eyes again and immediately started telling the people I was praying with what I had seen. I told them to pray for something specific and believe that it was done.”

Later that same day, God began answering her prayers.

“Someone came up to me and handed me an envelope full of dollars! This was something that I hadn’t anticipated and so I knew it was the God of Major 1 who had done it for me.”

As the days went by more friends and family felt moved to bless her financially. Elza adds that out of the blue, her sister moreover decided that she would pay for Elza to have health insurance.

“I was astounded because some of my friends and family were beginning to get fatigued with my commitment to the church. In fact, some would give me money and tell me not to spend it on church but the God of Major is faithful,” says Elza. “Now I’ve been able to enroll for further studies even as more people keep blessing me by their financial support.”

If you’re reading this, may miracle money locate you this month in Jesus’ name.

TESTIMONY: Miracle Money in the Month of Angelic Visitation


  1. May My miracle money locate me to help me pay for my son’s court case and become free from debt free, and to continue being Financial Kingdom Builder for God’s house, Thank you GOD of Major 1

    Bless you for your beautiful testimony


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