TESTIMONY: Healing and Marriage Renewal

Reuben found out about ECG Nairobi when a friend sent him to buy the Lion of Judah anointing oil on their behalf.

Upon meeting Pastor William and Mum Violet, Reuben developed a deeper interest in the ECG ministry. “When I met the Pastor and his wife, they both prayed for me. Pastor William told me that he could see victory upon my life and I took his words to heart,” says Reuben.

Encouraged, Reuben brought his wife and son for intercessory prayers at the church and adds that his son, who had for years suffered unsightly boils on his head and face, was healed after Pastor William and Mum Violet prayed for him and anointed him with the Lion of Judah oil.

“Even my sister who has been on medication for five years because of problems with her right eye was healed after she started applying the Lion of Judah,” Reuben elaborates. “My sister’s daughter is a neurosurgeon and she too was astounded by her mother’s miraculous healing because many doctors had tried and failed to cure her mother’s eye problem.”

He adds that shortly after discovering ECG Nairobi, he and his wife now pray together and have grown stronger as a couple than ever before.

“Christianity teaches that men are the priests of their households. I am thankful that in my family we can now study the bible and pray together every evening from 8 to 9 p.m.,” Reuben says. “This has gone a long way in reminding me what attracted me to my wife in the first place. I give God all the glory”
If you’re reading this, I pray that healing and a stronger, happier marriage be your portion too in Jesus’ name.

Connect to receive.

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