TESTIMONY: Missing Person Safely Recovered in the Month of Angelic Visitation

In the month of July, Sylvester travelLed upcountry for the burial of his sister. A week after coming back to Nairobi, he received news that his 16-year old younger sister had gone missing and no one knew of her whereabouts.

He says: “About a week after returning to Nairobi, I woke up at midnight to a voice in my spirit telling me that I should call home. That is when I was informed that my younger sister had disappeared.”

Applying some of the teachings he learnt in church, Sylvester took his younger sister’s photo and, together with his wife, began praying for her safe return. As they prayed, they anointed her photo with the Lion of Judah.

“We prayed and believed that wherever my sister was, the Lord’s angels would grab her hands and lead her back home”, Sylvester adds. “She was still missing during the national election period at the start of the month and we were concerned that she may have been caught up in the related skirmishes.”

However, because the prophet Major 1 had declared August the month of angelic visitation, Sylvester trusted that his sister would be delivered safely back home.

Indeed, about a week ago, Sylvester was happy to learn that his younger sister had been traced.

Sylvester says: “She called home using an unfamiliar number and asked that she be sent some bus fare to come back home. I celebrate my sister’s life because she is unharmed and now safely back home.”

If you’re reading this, I pray that every good thing that has gone missing from your life be returned safely back to you in Jesus name. Believe to receive.

TESTIMONY: Missing Person Safely Recovered in the Month of Angelic Visitation

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