TESTIMONY: Family Restoration and Healing

Tabitha came to ECG Nairobi at the beginning of 2017 after her daughter, who lives in France, kept sending her videos of the Prophetic Channel.

She says, “After watching the videos, I asked my daughter how I could connect with the Prophet (Major 1) and she told me about the ECG church branch in Nairobi where his son Pastor William ministers.”

Inspired, Tabitha made the trip to ECG Nairobi on January 22 from her home in Machakos and after the service, she met with Pastor William who prayed for her.

“I told the pastor that I had no peace in my home and we prayed together,” Tabitha says. “Later, he got in touch with me and told me that he had to come physically to my home where he could pray for peace to be restored in my family.”

She adds that after the Pastor’s visit, problems in her family began fading away.

“I can testify today that there’s now peace in my home. I had also been suffering intensely from arthritis to the point of being unable to walk, but now I can walk!”

Tabitha adds that she is thankful of the changes she has observed, especially in her daughter who was led to Christ and got born again after connecting with Pastor William. Tabitha’s daughter can now speak in tongues and even pray non-stop for at least an hour.

If you’re reading this, I pray that peace prevails in your family. Healing is your portion too in Jesus’ name.

Connect to receive.

TESTIMONY: Family Restoration and Healing

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