TESTIMONY: Gospel Music Career Boost after Prayer

Three weeks ago, Shiko, a budding gospel musician, came to Pastor William to request a prayer for her new album. After living in South Africa for a number of years, she recently returned to Kenya and didn’t know how to go about publicizing her music.

She says: “As an upcoming musician, you don’t really know where or who to go to promote your music, but after Pastor prayed for my audio CD, I was able to give my CD to a radio presenter at Inooro FM.”

Within the same week (after the prayer), Shiko’s song was submitted to the weekly countdown and was miraculously awarded ‘song of the week.’ The next step was to set up a meeting with Njogu Njoroge, a well-known radio personality to further promote her song.

“Many people told me that he (Njogu) is a hard man to reach and that he seldom answered phone calls, but I wasn’t discouraged. I am a daughter of Major 1 and by faith, I contacted him and was able to set up a meeting with him and eventually met him in person.”

When they met, Shiko was well-received by Njogu who was polite and pleasant to her, contrary to what nay-sayers had told her about him.

“I kept on declaring that angels shall follow me everywhere I go, and indeed that is what happened”, says Shiko. “After my meeting with Njogu, I met even more presenters in the industry and one presenter from Hope FM called me to find out more about my music!”

Her video producer also felt compelled to help her promote her audio CD. “He set up meeting for me with about 20 TV and Radio stations and when I asked him why he was going out of his way to help me, he told me that ‘something’ in his spirit was just pushing him to promote me.”

More favour followed when a prominent DJ called Shiko to help her set up her song on YouTube.

She adds: “This is my second album. When I was compiling it, I said that this time around, the God of Major 1 will help me promote it, and that is exactly what is happening.”

Her encouragement to fellow believers: “Submission is key. When I was in South Africa, I joined ECG Port Elizabeth and submitted there as steward in the church. When I came back to Kenya, I was moved by the Spirit to come to ECG Nairobi to submit here as well because I knew there’s a son of Major 1 (Pastor William) right here and I could connect to the anointing and receive my blessings.”

If you’re reading this, I pray that God of Major 1 fulfills each and every one of your heart’s desires. Connect to receive your blessings in Jesus’ name.


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