The 7 Types of Worship Summarised…

  1. Zamar Worship – means to rejoice, it is a worship which demonstrates joy. Psalms 92: 1-3.  It’s a state where by you don’t just worship but express and display joy physically.
  2. Yadah Worship – means to lift your hands in total surrender to God. 2 Chronicles 20:15-18. It’s a dangerous kind of worship, where God sees you as you are , no holds barred.
  3. Barak Worship – means to bow down. Psalms 138:2; Isaiah 66:23 Psalms 8:1. It is where you bow down for the reason of worship.
  4. Halal Worship – it is a type of worship where by you boast/rave about your God. 1 Chronicles 16:4, 1 Chronicles 23:5.  When you speak of the works of His hand and glorify the achievements of God.
  5. Todah Worship – is to give thanks, the worship of faith to God. Psalms 50:23.  This type of worship speaks of things that have not yet come to pass. You thank God in advance for the things to come.
  6. Tehillah Worship – this is to worship without rehearsal or without preparing yourself – Psalms 34:1.  In this type of worship you never planned or rehearsed for it, you just wake up in the morning and give God praise songs with your spirit.
  7. Types of Worship – Shabak means to shout out loud – Psalm 63.  It is to shout aloud. It is to command. When you see a person shouting aloud during worship, that person is in a state of Shabak. He does not realize or care what the rest of the people around him/her think as they are under Shabak.

The 7 Types of Worship



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