TESTIMONY: Multiple Breakthroughs after Prophetic Dream

About two weeks ago, Winnie had a dream where the man of God Prophet Shepherd Bushiri prayed for her.

She says: “After he prayed for me, the prophet told me that my business and my family life would open up. I woke up from the dream at around 3 a.m. then went back to sleep.”

On the same morning by 8 a.m., Winnie got a phone call. The person on the other end of the call asked her if she could travel to Lamu urgently to take up a short, but well-paying contract that would last the span of an entire weekend.

Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity, she hastily made arrangements to travel to Lamu by the next day.

The following morning, as she was preparing to board her flight, Winnie received another call informing her that she had been awarded a contract for yet another job.

“This second contract is something I have been trying to land for three straight years with no success,” she says. “I would apply for the contract every year but was rejected every time.”

She adds that towards the end of last year, she had hesitated to apply for the contract for the fourth time, but felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to apply for it anyway despite previous rejection.

Quite pleased that her fourth application paid off, Winnie was overjoyed to learn that same company had awarded her a third contract.

She says; “I applied for the third contract under a different company name, which is part of the companies I own.” By the time she got back to Nairobi, she was amazed how the God of Major I had clinched three contracts for her in less than a week amounting to millions of shillings. Moreover, a car that she had been trying to sell for over six months without success finally sold.

The icing on the cake happened when she received news that the off-plan house she had bought was now move-in ready after months of delay.

“My family and I were supposed to move into the new house by December last year but there were several delays in the finishing touches. On the Monday I got back from Lamu, I was told that the house was now ready and all I had to do was pay the stamp duty for the keys to be handed over to me.”

Her advice to fellow believers: “The anointing at ECG church really works. If it has worked for me, it can certainly work for you.”

If you’re reading this post, I pray the anointing works for you too. Connect to remain protected.

TESTIMONY: Multiple Breakthroughs after Prophetic Dream

The Joy of a pastor, is to see lives of people changing for the better.

As you read this testimony and you connect, you will come back with a testimony too in Jesus name.

Pastor William Kalonga


  1. Amen poweful Dream I connect To this Deam In Jesus name,I dream papa major 1 all so he came to my house in canada and he give me a white Benz Jeep in my dream. He said daughter that you car.and then he went to my brother house that was selling and he wrote my name on the varadera,and he said I am the new owner. I dream him again and he lay his had on my head he said he is opening up my life.and 3 days after miracles money and breakthrough started happening my life and my daughter choveta and other family. .Thank You God of Major 1. For all my testimony. .


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