TESTIMONY: Business Breakthrough & other Blessings after 3 Nights Vigil

As the owner of a salon, Ruth’s business was suffering.
She says: “I would sometimes go an entire week without having a single client. It was a real struggle.”

She nonetheless purposed to attend a three nights’ vigil called for by Pastor William in the first week of August, and among her prayer points was a request for divine connections.

After the first night’s vigil, the calls started coming in.

“From that first night, everything changed. I went from having no clients at all to now having too many clients,” says Ruth. “Some clients come to look for me at my house and some even pay me in full even before I serve them!”

She adds that God’s favour flowed to other members of her family. Her brother who had been farming without much success finally reported a breakthrough within the same week of vigil and fasting.

“He went from making no money at all to making up to nine thousand shillings a week!”

Ruth moreover reports that as her salon business took off, she started selling handbags as well and since then she sells at least two handbags on a daily basis.
“Since the vigil, my prayer life has also improved. Now I wake up to pray at midnight and to read an entire chapter of the Bible. I couldn’t do that before but now I can.

If you’re reading this, I pray that you to receive your breakthrough in Jesus name. Connect to receive.


  1. Hi,my name is Kevin Omondi i have read your testimonies and iwas really touched,my life is in a mess i need deliverance and a breakthrough.How can i see the pastor for prayers?


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