Testimony: Dream Job Clinched by Faith

After committing to 7 days of prayer and fasting for her graduation, God answered Dora and she, two months ago, graduated successfully.

In that time of prayer and fasting, Dora had written down several more prayer points which she’d stuck onto the wall of her prayer room, trusting that God would check off each and every point. Among her prayers was a request for a great job in Nairobi.

“I did not want to work in Dar (es Salaam) where I live with my parents, I wanted to find a job right here in Nairobi,” Dora says. She decided to seek the counsel of Pastor William and he advised her to speak to her parents with wisdom. Heeding his counsel, she traveled back home to Dar and kept praying.

Though her parents are well-connected and could have easily secured a job for her in Dar, Dora believed that God would grant her dream job in Nairobi. Despite his great connections, her father struggled to get her a job and Dora took this as a sign that God was working in her favour.

Under any ordinary circumstances, Dora knew that her father would never have allowed her to come back to Nairobi. Thus, by faith, she started adding a few drops of the Lion of Judah anointing oil to the food she prepared for her parents, trusting that God would do the extraordinary and change their hearts concerning her career.

And because God is not a man that he should lie, Dora soon received a job offer in Nairobi and she accepted it with the blessing of her parents.

Excitedly she says: “The job includes a great salary, an apartment, flights back home and medical expenses.” Among her prayer points had been the desire to further her education and the new job guaranteed just that. After one year of working at her job, the company she now works for will pay for her further studies.

Her words of encouragement to fellow believers: “God of Major 1 is good. There’s an anointing in this church and there’s favour in this place. Just believe.”

If you’re reading this post, we are confident that whatever Christ Jesus started in you will be accomplished.

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