TESTIMONY: Life Restoration in the Year of Honey

On a Friday morning, Idah received news that her father had collapsed and was admitted to hospital.

She managed to stay calm even as she was informed, through several more phone calls, that his heart and other vital organs were shutting down.

Though unable to immediately make the trip out of town to her father’s bedside, Idah locked herself in her bedroom and began praying for his healing. Placing a hand over her heart, she used herself as a point of contact and began to thank God for her father’s healing.

The next three days saw her father’s condition taking a turn for the worse. By Tuesday all his organs had shut down and he was declared clinically dead. That’s when the miracle happened.

Later on that same day, the doctor called Idah to inform her that just as they were preparing her father’s body for the morgue, he suddenly began to blink. When they checked his vitals, they discovered a steady heartbeat and quickly moved to check his other organs.

“When the doctor called, he kept me saying, ‘It’s a miracle!”, says Idah. “After checking all his vitals, he couldn’t understand how his organs which had all collapsed were suddenly working again.”

When she finally made it to her father’s bedside, the doctor was all set to discharge him as all his organs were in perfect working condition.

Her words of encouragement to fellow believers: “When I was praying for my father, I remembered that our prophet Major 1 had said that 2017 is the year of honey. I kept declaring that out of the eater, something sweeter will emerge and that is exactly what happened because God of Major 1 blessed my father with new organs and he is now a walking miracle.”

To God be all the glory!YOU ARE NOT LIKE THEM

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