JESUS IS THE BREAD OF LIFE (Step 4 – Kneading)

At this stage, the flour mixture is often vigourously kneaded into dough.
For many Christians, this is an extremely uncomfortable phase where our Maker, in His infinite wisdom, may steer us through trying circumstances that pummel and flatten us to the point where we begin to ask: Am I really a child of God? Why does life seem to be battering me from every direction? Why is this happening to me?
To become the successful man of God he is today, our prophet Major 1 went through painful trials, but he certainly has emerged victorious.
Though the kneading process may be uncomfortable, don’t run away. Stay put and let God knead, shape and mould you to your bread anointing. Resist the temptation to be like Ephraim (Hosea 7: 8) who was compared to uncooked bread when he left the presence of God before he was ready.


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