JESUS IS THE BREAD OF LIFE anyone who eats of Him will have life.
Scripture Ingredient: John 6: 32-35

When God begat us, we became His. If He is the bread of life, then we too are the bread.

However, for bread to be bread, there’s a process it has to go through.

Step 1 – Grinding
To make bread, a baker needs the key ingredient which is flour. This is obtained from wheat which must first be ground into flour.

Grinding wheat into flour is often a painstaking process. As children of God, when we get born again, we believe that all is well with us and that we can thus begin declaring miracles over our lives. But as yet we may go through painful challenges that will transform us into the state God wants us to be.

If you’re reading this and are passing through the grind, take heart and establish your faith in God because the best is yet to come.

Jesus is the bread of life Step 1 - sieving

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