TESTIMONY: Spirit of Poverty and Delay Exterminated by the Lion of Judah

Though she lives in Samburu County, Anne attends service at ECG each time she is Nairobi.

She says: “During my last visit [to ECG Church Nairobi], someone gave a testimony about how their home was invaded by strange rats which stubbornly refused to die despite all manner of poisonous traps laid out to exterminate them. That person also said that they resorted to anointing their entire house with the Lion of Judah, and miraculously all the rats disappeared.”

Anne later traveled to her brother’s home in Mombasa where she discovered that he too had a rat infestation. Her sister-in-law told her that they had laid out poisonous traps to kill the pests but instead of dying they seemed to be getting fatter.

Inspired by the testimony she’d heard in church, and with the knowledge that rats represents the spirit of poverty, Anne gave her sister-in-law a portion of her Lion of Judah anointing oil which the latter used to anoint her house. Days later, after Anne had already returned to Samburu, her sister-in-law called to inform her that the rats were no more. The Lion of Judah had exterminated the spirit of poverty!

Anne further gave a testimony of how she been awarded a contract and had done the job but the contractors were delaying to pay her.

“They kept on telling me that they had other priority payments to make before they could pay me,” Anne says. “They also told me they would likely be able to pay me by August which, at that time, was several months away.”

Believing that God would fast-track her payment, Anne attended the Prophetic Marathon held at ECG Nairobi at the start of June 2017 where the entire congregation was anointed with oil. During the week-long prayers, she trusted that God would do a “divine exchange” and make her payment a priority over all others.

Indeed the God we serve answers our prayers beyond expectation. Soon after the prayer marathon, Anne received her payment and was moreover awarded a new contract by the same contractors.

“God of Major 1 is a God of wonders. He has made sure that my second payment is scheduled for August which was the month I was to receive my first payment but by His awesome power, He cancelled the spirit of delay and fast-tracked my payment”

Her word of advice to fellow believers: “Like our prophet always says, you have to stay connected to remain protected. Connect in deed and in word to the anointing for your life to change for the better.”


  1. God bless his servant Pastor William with the anointing of our Papa Prophet Shephard Bushiri Major 1. ECG Nairobi is the place to be in.

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