TESTIMONY: Prophetic Encounter and Power in the Lion of Judah

In February 2017, Dorothy purposed to attend service at ECG Church Nairobi.
At that time, her greatest desire had been to meet ECG Church Founder Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.

She says, “I had on three separate occasions tried to make travel arrangements to go and meet the prophet at the main church in Pretoria, but each time I tried all my plans failed at the last minute.”

Dorothy then decided to go to ECG Nairobi where she began attending service and applying the Lion of Judah anointing oil she had obtained at the church.

“When I began using the Lion of Judah, the heavens opened up for me and my family,” she says. “I finally managed to make the trip to South Africa to meet the Prophet and while I was there, I received news that my sister who had been unemployed had gotten a job and had also been miraculously promoted at the same time! She is now working as an assistant professor.”

Her mother, who was on crutches for two years on account of damaged tendons, was also miraculously healed after using the Lion of Judah and can now walk on her own.

Yet another miracle happened in the family when Dorothy’s daughter managed to write her university exams in spite not having cleared her tuition fees.

“I know that was God’s Grace because no one is allowed into the exam room without having first cleared their fees. God of Major 1 made it possible for my daughter to walk right into the exam room without being stopped at the door. It was a miracle!”

If you’re reading this post, know that God can make the “impossible” possible. If he did it for Dorothy and her family, He can certainly do it for you and yours.

TESTIMONY: Prophetic Encounter and Power in the Lion of Judah


  1. God of Major1 is doing wonders in Nairobi!! Lion of Judah is truly a special gift. We pray for our spiritual father Major1 for God to protect his life and bless him immensely great Anointing and wisdom because the work is great but the workers are few.


  2. Few months back I met with an accident and was on the ventilator. But the Lion of Judah Oil saved my life. All is well now! This can only be the work of God, I thank God of Major 1 for his protection and https://goo.gl/RVnfbN for delivering it on time.


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