Testimony: Power of the Tongue

Patricia needed money for a trip to Malawi. She had the alternative of traveling by bus but instead declared that she would travel by air in spite having no money to buy a plane ticket.

By faith, she anointed her phone with the Lion of Judah and began scrolling through her contacts, trying to decide who among them would be in a position to loan her money for the ticket.

By God’s Grace, the person she called agreed to give her 600 dollars and when she went to collect it, she was told to consider it as a belated graduation gift, meaning she would not have to pay back the money.

Overjoyed, she went ahead and bought the ticket and got ready for the trip. On the day of departure, she went to airport only to be barred from boarding her flight for not having a visa. Her assumption had been that she would be allowed to purchase an entry visa upon arrival in Malawi but immigration officials told her that option was only valid for people entering Malawi from western countries.

Unfazed, and with barely one and a half hours to boarding time, Patricia went outside the check-in area and began anointing herself with the Lion of Judah. Her prayer declaration was that her flight would not take off without her on board. She also began calling the friends and acquaintances in a position to help her out of her predicament. Due to time constraints, Patricia decided against going out of the airport to the embassy of Malawi in Nairobi.

When it was announced that her flight would be delayed for half an hour, she took that as a sign that God of Major 1 was working in her favour.

Eventually, after several calls had been made and intercession prayers done, the captain of the plane moved to assist her. Other passengers had by this time already boarded the plane but Patrica again declared by faith that the plane would not leave without her. Upon being informed of the reason for her delay, the captain directed that she go to an agent based at the airport who could help her situation. She did as instructed and rushed to the agent’s office where after a few more calls, Patricia finally boarded her flight to Malawi, though still without a visa.

Upon arrival in Malawi, she escaped deportation by a whisker as more divine helpers came to her rescue. By God’s Grace, she was eventually allowed entry. God of Major 1 also ensured that the few days she spent in Malawi were blissful and she managed to return to Nairobi without further incident.

Her encouragement to fellow believers: “The devil will throw all manner of obstacles your way. It’s up to you to show him that you have God-like faith to overcome.”


Testimony: Power of the Tongue

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