Testimony: Fruit of the Womb after Three Miscarriages

Testimony: Fruit of the Womb after Three MiscarriagesAfter suffering three miscarriages, Sharon’s last resort was ECG Church Nairobi.

When she became pregnant for the fourth time round, she purposed to attend Friday Service at Tumaini House, where Pastor William Kalonga, under the anointing of Major 1, located her among the brethren.

“He just looked at me and said, ‘This is the first pregnancy that has held.’ I confirmed and said that his statement was indeed true because the previous three pregnancies had only held for a short period before I miscarried,” says Sharon.

After she was prayed for by the Pastor, Sharon believed in heart that she would carry the fourth pregnancy to full term.

She adds: “I just trusted God that this time around there would be no miscarriage because [as a Church] we’re under the anointing of a major prophet.”

Indeed the God of Major 1 is a miracle-worker as Sharon, in the month of June 2017, delivered a healthy baby girl named Israela Tsalach.

Her encouragement to those yearning for the fruit of the womb: “I know there are many people out there looking to have their own children. All I can say is that at ECG Nairobi, you’re in the right place for your miracle.”

All the Glory belongs to God.

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