Testimony: 10 year-wait for Academic Distinction

After finishing high school, Elza was unable to attend college due to lack of funds. Her father had passed away and her mother’s income was hardly enough to pay college fees and sustain Elza and her siblings.

Being the first born in the family, Elza decided to get a job and started helping her mother in paying for her siblings’ education. Through the combined effort, her brother managed to get to Masters level but experienced challenges in defending his project.

In 2016, ten years after finishing high school, Elza enrolled herself in college at the start of the year. Though she didn’t have the finances to pay the fees, she trusted that the God of Major 1 would do it for her. Indeed, the God of Major 1 does not disappoint and miraculously the finances were sorted.

Towards the end of her studies, she too experienced challenges in the supervision of her project, but because others in church had testified of academic breakthrough despite similar challenges, Elza believed that she too would graduate.

Using Lion of Judah, she anointed herself regularly and prayed over her studies, and God made made a way. She graduated with distinction and was awarded as the top candidate in her class.

Moreover, Elza had been trusting God for a new phone. By faith, she took a pamphlet of the phone she wanted and put in on the Lord’s altar. Because we serve a God of precision, among Elza’s graduation gifts was the exact same make of phone she had prayed for!

Her advice: “Use Lion of Judah and anointed honey and let your faith in God work for you.”

Testimony: 10 year-wait for Academic Distinction

Testimony: 10 year-wait for Academic Distinction

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