Testimony: Miracle Debt Settlement

Testimony: Miracle Debt Settlement.

Ms. Gertrude joined ECG Nairobi in April 2017 and at that time her business was going down and she was experiencing stagnation in her life.

Last Sunday on 21st May 2017 Mama Pastor Violet Kalonga prophesied to her that she could see her under serious attack for the last six months and there is stagnation in her business and finances.

She also said to her that she could see buses and trucks and Ms. Gertrude confirmed that she is into the Transportation business, she owns buses and trucks.

Mama Pastor Violet instructed that after close of business the next day Monday,Ms. Gertrude should anoint all her vehicles with the Lion of Judah oil.
Ms. Gertrude got the Lion of Judah and did as she was instructed.After following this instruction Gertrude experienced another setback where the Bus Company came on same day Monday to repossess her buses because of late payment in April.

To confirm to her that Pastors Prophecy was true that she was under attack, it is usually the company’s policy to repossess the assets only if an individual has defaulted in payment for more than five months but for her case she had a late payment for only one month.

When Gertrude received a call from her manager that the company had come to repossess the buses she was very confused.

While still pondering on her next move her brother called her and said that he had just received payment on services he had offered a while back and he just thought of her. At that point Gertrude explained her predicament to him and he offered to make the payments on her behalf.

To show that the God of Major 1 is at work, Gertrude’s brother said that he is giving her that money not as a loan but as a gift and she shouldn’t worry about paying him back. Gertrude managed to pay for the buses and the company released the vehicles back to her that same afternoon.

Later that on Thursday 25th May,Gertrude received a call from a friend that she hadn’t spoken to for a while, this friend wanted to connect her to a cement company that needed to hire trucks to transport their cement.

Gertrude managed to get the one year contract that same week and the total amount she is to receive from it was enough to pay off the Bus Company for all she owed them.

She has come back to glorify the God of Major 1 for the miracles He has done in her life.

Advice to other members of the church:
Your miracle is in the instruction. Do not give up but tap and submit to the anointing.

God of Major 1 is still doing miracles.

If you are reading this post, God is able to settle your debts in Jesus name.

Testimony: Miracle Debt Settlement.

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