TESTIMONY: God’s Favour and Breakthrough

Ms Christina stayed a long time without promotion as a teacher at a private school.  Two weeks ago, she got a promotion without qualifications. She received a letter of promotion to be the school principal after believing in God of Major 1 through ECG Nairobi.

When she got the job, she managed to build a house for her mother and her grandmother in four days but her enemies tried to fight her and the police to stop the building, but she declared shame is not her portion.

She has now managed to complete the buildings for her mum and grandmother.

Anyone reading this post know that the God of Major 1 and the grace on him will work on you.

Things which could take years, you will do them in days in Jesus name.

There is possession in confession.

TESTIMONY:God’s Favour and Breakthrough


  1. Papa I came to Kenya with my son ,he was sick  you prayed for him, annoint him with Lion  of Juda Thank God he is healed in Jesus name God of major one healed him . He’s doing great. Glory to God 

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  2. Papa I have problems with my papers in America I have been married for 7 years but the Immigration have been delaying with my papers


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