🍯Jesus is my Supply🍯

((((Truth about John 15:1-4)))

🍯Jesus is my Supply🍯

☆True vine is Jesus
☆Gardener (caretaker) is the Almighty Papa God.
☆Branches it’s you and me
☆Fruits are the finished works of Calvary:
Winning souls
Spiritual growth
Divine healthy
Good works and many more.

In verse two, the caretaker does two things to the branches

a) Takes away every branch that doest not bare fruits.

Takes away in greek is one word airo which means to lift up, keep in suspense.

If a branch drops to ground in dust and it will dry up & die.
To help it bear fruit, Jesus will lift up the branch, not kicking it away to hell fire as other preachers interpretes it.

If you don’t bear fruits don’t worry, relax, allow Jesus to lift you up so that oxygen can flow, the rain can wash away the soil so that you bear fruits.

b) Purges branch which bears fruit that it bears more fruit

The word purged (prunes) in Greek is called kathairo which means
-to cleanse with water.
-to remove unwanted shoots so that the branch grows straight as desired.

So when you are bearing fruits, Papa God will take care of you so that you bear more fruits.

Washing up the branch of pests, dusts off actions of sin.
We are cleansed by the washing of water by word (logos) E.g.anointed teachings of papa prophet Shepherd Bushuri, lifts us up & washes us

In John 13:10 Jesus spoke important words;

Bathed: in greek this word is called louo which means to be saved/washed of sins/saved forever.

🍯But now
Wash his feet in greek is nipto which means wash with water, getting into the word everyday. Cleaning up everyday. Removing the dust everyday

That’s why it’s important for you to read your bible everyday, as he said already you are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you.

V4: Abide = stay = remain=don’t move
(e.g. stay here while I go to the toilet)
You are already there, not trying to reach there.
Stay where you are as a branch & don’t try and be the supplier.

V5: I am vine, you are the branches

Vine =Supplier of nutrients to the branch, Jesus is the supplier, responsible for the fruit to the branches.

Branch is the fruit bearing part, NOT the supplier, producer etc.

Our role is to just manifest the fruits with a restful and carefree attitude
Many of us are trying to be the vine.
We may get the credit, but the source/supply comes from vine.
The sap flows through vine to the branches.

So the secret of bearing fruit is to remain as a branch / taking your rightful place as branch and know Who is supplying
He puts us in the vine. It’s not our doing that we’re in Christ.
When it’s time to bring forth fruit, trust the vine to bring forth whatever is needed to bear fruit. (e.g. If there’s no rain, trust the vine to bring the water)
When it’s harvest time, the vine dresser looks at the vine to see why a branch is not bearing fruit. He doesn’t look at the branch.
Similarly for decision making, Lord you are my wisdom.
Let us labour into rest. (Hebrews 4:11)
Labour to rest in the Lord and draw from Him.

You can’t be connected to the the vine and not exhibit His qualities. You can’t be part of Him and be lazy reading the word. (e.g.)

Branch needs to cling to something. What are you clinging on / depending on to grow/supply you today?

Don’t stress, relax and enjoy the supply

As you are bearing fruit then more fruit into much fruit.


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