Healing from HIV

INSTANT HEALING: In the third time, she came out HIV NEGATIVE…

This woman who was a patient number 4 by the name Zippora Andisi (+254 724 525 111) from Kibira, Nairobi testifed today after tested 3 times after the prayer during the Miracle Hospital & Healing Service and came out with negative results.

This woman explains how she was invited by her sister who is living in Uganda who is watching prophetic channel and also following up this facebook page. She tells how the sister gave directions to come to church so she can receive.

She explains how she has suffered for more than 10 years with HIV/AIDS and how she used to take ARVs and other medication since that time. Today she came and tested for HIV and confirm to be positive. Man of God prayed and encouraged people to test and test again if they see the same results, he even gave an example from the bible about prophet Elijah who prayed for the rain and repeated for seven times to get results (1Kings 18:43-44). This woman was touched by these words and said to herself I will test until I find my negative results. Indeed it has happened when this woman went for a test for 3 times and during the third time, she came out negative. Our specialized doctor by the name Doctor Judith Wanjiku (+254 723 445356 ) went out of words as he confirms the might works of God of Major 1 after testing this woman for the first time before prayer and then 2 times after prayer and the last results came very clear negative.

God of Major 1 is the wonderful God, He can change positive results to negative results. If you are not tired of taking medication, don’t be tired of praying and checking your condition until the results change as prophet of God, Elija prayed and looked for seven times to get the results.

May affected area of you be healed in the name of Jesus.

Apostle Mtalemwa Bushiri 

#sonofmajor1 #miracles #healing #ecgnairobi

7 thoughts on “Healing from HIV

  1. if god of major1 papa bushiri cure the above people in their HIV positive I receive that healing for my self and my mother in the name of Jesus God of Major1


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