Mystery of First Fruit

WHAT IS IT? – Exodus 13:11-13

First fruit, its not an option to give or not to give it. It belongs to God. First fruit was revealed before tithe in Gen 4:4.
Fruit was given before the law of Moses, therefore it applies in this dispersion of grace. It’s your first income, profits, blessing. In hebrew first fruit is called Reshyith which means the following:
  • The first in place of time, order or rank
  • The beginning
  • The Principal (the first order of its importance) – [When you are doing an investment with any bank, the money you initially deposit is called the principal then the interests follows later.]
  • Captain, Chief, Concrete.
  • Primary: the earliest order of development.
So we see that first fruit is very important for a child of God for the series of expected blessings in their life.It’s the mother of all expected blessings.
In Gen 1:1, The word beginning is Reshyith, God in the order of times created heavens and earth as His first fruit, later we see things followed to be created in heaven and earth.


It’s all to declare in the spiritual realm that God Almighty is the number one in your life.To honour Him. Prov 3:9
Check this out…. Before you give your first fruit you should put in an enclosure. SPEAK to it what you want God to do for you, don’t just give without giving it an assignment.- Deutro 26:3-11


  1. You receive a supernatural increase of what you already possess. i.e bank account, business. etc. Prov 3:9-10
  2. You make the remainder to be Holy. Guarded of God Almighty, no devil can touch it. Romans 11:16
  3. A blessing remains over your home. Ezekiel 44:30
Start to give your first fruit today, it belongs to God and wait for the manifestation of His blessings.
Pastor William

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